Second Fiddle

by Peter Viney

ELT Graded Reader
Intermediate Level
1500 headwords, structurally graded, CEF level B1


Second Fiddle is the first of a series of English Language Teaching Graded readers from Three Vee. It’s written by Peter Viney.  It is available from the Kindle Store at a price of 99 cents. Three Vee’s intent is to encourage extensive reading at the minimum possible price on Kindle. We experimented in the past with free readers, but found the take up and interest was minimal, which is why it is being sold at a price, though as low as possible.

Unusually for an ELT / ESL graded reader, it has no illustration. We contemplated it, but it would put the price up, and today’s student can quickly google a map of South Africa if need be.



Second Fiddle is a graded ELT / ESL reader at 1500 word level, for intermediate learners of English, written by Peter Viney. It follows the story of Sophie, who is touring South Africa in a British classical orchestra. She is the youngest member. After their conductor has a heart attack onstage, the famous Erich Von Hubert arrives to take charge of the orchestra. Why does a famous conductor travel on the bus with the orchestra? Why can’t Sophie take her precious cello on the bus? Van Hubert hates her friend Anna. He hates Paul, the main violinist. Then there are the tales of rhinos and elephants killed by poachers. What has that to do with the orchestra? Sophie and Anna visit a National Park and hear some stories about the poachers. They begin to suspect Van Hubert.


A Weekend Away & A Week By The Sea


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Dart Travis on Kindle

The “Sixties Trilogy” is now up in full on Kindle, iBooks Store and Kobo Reader. They will be available on amazon CreateSpace “Print on Demand” in the next few days.

60s trilogy collage 1

These three books by Dart Travis are:

Music To Watch Girls By: Summer of 1967
The Women Came and Went: Spring of 1968
Pulling Into Nazareth: Autumn of 1969

The related collection of short stories is:

I’ll Tell Everything I Know (Tales of 1964 to 1965)

For more information see the DART TRAVIS AUTHOR PAGE at Kindle.

Also search DART TRAVIS on iBooks Store